What’s New in 2014

There has been a lot of movement, change, and advancements since our last entry back in November of 2013!

TRAMA’s machine has been properly greased, thanks to the Alterna Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship! TRAMA has not only been in the works of creating new lines of products, but our store has had a complete overhaul due to the involvement of Alterna.  Through bringing together a team of experienced and excellent entrepreneurs, market specialists, designers, community organizers and developers, Alterna has aided TRAMA in developing a system of inventory for our store to create a more successful impact, higher level of outreach, and a more cohesive and relevant system of comprehension for our workers and shoppers.All of our products have been entered into an extensive system of inventory and are ready to be identified, sold, shipped, and treasured.

Along with this development, TRAMA has also received an exciting grant from Entremundos. Entremundos is a grassroots organization based here in Queztaltenango that dedicates itself to enhancing local projects and organizations by creating a network for the international and local community to find volunteer opportunities, and also to raise awareness around the relevant social, political, and cultural issues of Guatemala. We intend to use the grant money to invest in the plans outlined with Alterna, to make our office more efficient and comprehensive for our volunteers, President and Vice President here at our Quetzaltenango headquarters.

This past March TRAMA received an exciting visit from two excellent online markets focusing on empowering women artisans around the world. American television star and fashion designer Lauren Conrad, and a representative from The Global Goods Partnership. Conrad, with her online store The Little Market, travels worldwide meeting and collecting products from small artisan collectives comprised solely of women all over the globe. TRAMA’s work and mission fall in line with the kind of artisan product Lauren Conrad works to share with a wide market through her online shop. Through The Little Market, Conrad is creating a support network for women all over the world and creating an opportunity for people to support and acknowledge the work of women internationally. The Global Goods Partnership connects disempowered women artisans from Asia, Africa, and South America with a world wide market and works directly with the Little Market. Publicity from this visit has increased  sales and awareness of TRAMA and the women’s excellent work here.

LCBetween Alterna, Entremundos, the energetic volunteers, and the President and Vice President here at TRAMA, we have undergone much in terms of development and growth.  2014 has been wonderful and exciting as we move forward and continue on in supporting all the women weavers of TRAMA.

UPCOMING ENTRY!  A look into the lives of the Tejedoras here at TRAMA Textiles!

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