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When there is a situation within the collective that arises, be it an illness or a need for supplies or a desire to send a young tejedora to school, this is the category to use.
1. What is the situation? Who, what, when, where?
2. Why should the outside world care? How does this affect Trama’s work?
3. How can the outside world help? Donations? Sending supplies? Volunteers needed?
Cuando hay un situacion dentro de la collective, tal vez un enfermedad, necesidad para fuentes, o un disea enviar un jovena tejedora a una escuela formal, este es la categoría para usar.
1. ¿Cuál es el situación? ¿Quién, que, cuando, donde?
2. ¿Por eso deben el mundo afuero ten cuidado? ¿Cómo afecto esta el trabajo de Trama?
3. ¿Cómo pueden el mundo afuero ayudar? ¿Donaciones, mandando fuentes, voluntarios?

Check out Trama’s Youtube Channel! – Mire el canal de Trama en Youtube

Check out the videos to see what defines Trama. Also, if you would like to contribute your video making and editing skills for future endeavors, please contact us.

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Calling Former Volunteers! Voluntarios! Miren, por favor!

Trama would like to facilitate a blog that collects information to promote Trama. If you have experience with Trama and would like to share your story, please contact us. Trama is looking for posts in several categories. See the “Purpose … Continue reading

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